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Why People Love Leawood Dental

Hannah P.
Dr. Joliff is the best! I have a terrible fear of the dentist but had to go get a filling replaced. Decided to try a new dentist and I’m so glad I went here! He did not disappoint! Him and his staff made me feel at ease and were very sensitive to the fact that I’m a high anxiety patient. They made sure I was comfortable every step of the way! Replacing my filling was quick and painless. Will be going to him from now on for all my dental work! Thanks again.
Adrienne M.
I love this place! They are very thorough and everyone is very kind. This office is very flexible with pricing, and I really like that they have their own insurance. If you need work done they are not pushy but very honest with what you need. It is really hard to find a good dentist. So, I would definitely recommend them.
Patty R.
This was the most effective cleaning I’ve had. And with no pain or discomfort. Thanks Dental Hygienist, Austin. The office operated very efficiently with no waiting and no mystery about the charges. The billing details were explained in writing before I decided whether to go ahead with an extra treatment. Dr. Joliff was knowledgeable and skilled.
Cathy C.
Highly recommend Dr Hamilton and her entire team at Leawood Dental they deserve 10+ stars! Having major anxiety going in they calmly talked me through every moment of my procedure (Meghan/Christina you are amazing) Making my appointment was very easy Ashley was very understanding and caring of my anxiety.
Patricia P.
One of the best place to go for any dental work! The staff is sooo extra ordinary, they really have a compassion and concern about the well being of their patients. They make you feel so comfortable and relax, by they talk to you. They are an outstanding staff. I really appreciate them!!
Jallisa L.
The experience here was amazing! It was a double book for my toddler and myself and it was my son’s first time. The hygienist was patient and the atmosphere was very pleasant. I was most nervous about my toddler being antsy, but everyone was so welcoming and took great care of us!
Samantha H.
Great experience with the Leawood Dental team! Tonya, Dr. Megan, and Katrina made sure I was taken care of! Thank you for starting my day out with a sparkly smile!
Dan G.
Excellent all around. Very thorough and efficient. They explain everything beforehand and check what the cost will be if it’s more than what insurance covers. Rachel (dental hygienist) is WONDERFUL!
Catherine L.
Going to the dentist since my cancer diagnosis can be a challenge but the team made me feel calm and treated me with the utmost kindness. Fortunate to start my healing process with fabulous, friendly, and compassionate team.
Kendra L.
I absolutely love the care I receive at a Leawood Dental. Dr. Joliff and his staff are amazing. My hygienist Austin makes me so comfortable. 100% recommend
Mark D.
Leawood Dental is a great place to get your teeth checked. The whole team is warm and welcoming and they do their best to make you feel comfortable. My dental hygienist is Vanessa and she is wonderful!
Brittney S.
The BEST dental practice in KC. My entire family goes here and Dr. Joliff is great with kids. My kids always enjoy going.

Achieve Your Best Smile Yet

Why Should I Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Over time, teeth can become stained or discolored due to various factors like coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, and even aging. While over-the-counter products are available, professional whitening offers safer, more effective, and longer-lasting results. Teeth whitening is effective on most types of staining but may not correct all discoloration, such as that caused by certain medications or dental trauma. 

At Leawood Dental, we use advanced techniques to ensure your teeth whitening experience is not only effective but also comfortable. We'll evaluate your specific situation to determine the best approach for your smile.

Who Can Benefit from Teeth Whitening?

Most adults seeking to improve the appearance of their smile can benefit from teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a very safe procedure with a high degree of success. We ensure that your gums and tooth enamel are protected throughout the process. However, it's not suitable for everyone. During your consultation, we'll assess your oral health and discuss whether teeth whitening is right for you.

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Caring for Your Whitened Smile

The longevity of whitening results varies based on lifestyle and oral hygiene. With proper care, your smile can stay bright for several months to a few years. To maintain your newly whitened smile, we recommend:

  • Regular brushing and flossing.
  • Routine dental check-ups and cleanings.
  • Avoiding or limiting foods and beverages that stain teeth.
  • Considering touch-up treatments as needed.

Our Teeth Whitening Options

We tailor our whitening treatments to your specific needs and desired outcomes.

In-Office Whitening: Fast and Dramatic Results

Our in-office whitening procedure is ideal for those seeking immediate results. In just one visit, your teeth can become several shades brighter. The process involves:

  1. A thorough dental cleaning.
  2. The application of a high-concentration bleaching gel.
  3. The use of specialized light to activate the gel, enhancing its effectiveness.

This option is perfect for busy individuals or those preparing for a special event who want fast, noticeable results.

Take-Home Whitening Kits: Convenience and Comfort

For those who prefer the comfort and convenience of whitening their teeth at home, we offer take-home whitening kits. These kits include:

  • Custom-made whitening trays designed to fit your teeth perfectly.
  • Professional-grade whitening gel, offering superior results compared to over-the-counter products.
  • Detailed instructions on how to safely and effectively use the kit.

Take-home kits are great for those who want to whiten their teeth at their own pace or maintain their in-office whitening results.

Say Hello to Our Dedicated Smile Experts

Every smile matters to me! I’m passionate about building beautiful smiles and great relationships with my patients.
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Say Hello to Our Dedicated Smile Experts

A healthy mouth helps you enjoy better health! I go above and beyond to help you achieve your healthiest smile yet.
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Your One-Stop Shop

From routine checkups to advanced procedures like veneers, dental implants, and Invisalign, we are your one-stop dental shop. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach, ensuring that all your dental needs are met under one roof.

Patient-Centered Approach

Choose Leawood’s trusted family dentists! Our patients choose us for the unparalleled care and experience we offer. You will always leave our practice feeling informed, valued, and prioritized. No matter your needs, your smile is in capable hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is professional teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure aimed at removing tooth stains and lightening the color of your teeth. It involves the use of high-quality bleaching agents under the supervision of a dental professional.

How is professional whitening different from over-the-counter products?

Professional whitening offers more powerful and faster results compared to over-the-counter products. It's safer and more effective, as it's performed under the supervision of a dentist, who ensures that the health of your gums and teeth is protected.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, when performed by a dental professional, teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. We take precautions to protect your gums and the rest of your mouth during the procedure.

How long does in-office teeth whitening take?

In-office whitening typically takes about an hour. It's a quick and efficient way to achieve significant whitening results in a single visit.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

The results of teeth whitening can last from several months to a few years, depending on your lifestyle and oral hygiene habits. Regular brushing, flossing, and avoiding stain-causing foods and beverages can help prolong the results.

Will whitening work on all types of stains?

Teeth whitening is most effective on extrinsic stains (stains on the surface of the teeth) caused by foods, drinks, and tobacco. It may not be as effective on intrinsic stains (within the tooth structure) or on restorations like crowns and veneers.

Can anyone get their teeth whitened?

Most adults can benefit from teeth whitening. However, it's not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women, or people with sensitive teeth, gum disease, or worn enamel. A consultation with our dentist can determine if whitening is right for you.

Does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Some people may experience temporary teeth sensitivity during or after the whitening process. We use techniques and products to minimize sensitivity and ensure your comfort.

What are take-home whitening kits?

Take-home whitening kits provided by Leawood Dental include custom-made trays and professional-grade whitening gel. They allow you to whiten your teeth at your convenience at home, with results appearing over several days or weeks.

How can I maintain my whitened teeth?

Maintain your white smile by practicing good oral hygiene, avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks, and scheduling regular dental cleanings. Touch-up treatments can also help keep your smile bright.

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